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Outfit: Black Love

Currently listening to Fergie - Big girls don't cry Writing this post seemed so hard for me because I had a lot on my mind and I wasn't sure of  what I wanted to share. Valentines day has never really been a day I look forward to because i never saw it as been special … Continue reading Outfit: Black Love


Currently listening to Bruno Mars ft Cardi B - Finesse. It's a new year alright but apart from the date change what else is new? On exiting the previous year I made a decision that the first post I put up in 2018 will be on my own domain but I guess the odds weren't … Continue reading 2018: YEAR OF THE BLANK CANVAS

A Year Older, Blogging and Insecurities 

Currently listening to Chris Brown ft Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne - Look at me now Growing up birthdays were my thing. Once we got into the ember month I would start counting down to December 9, loudly too. It used to drive my family crazy 😂. However, in recent years reverse has been the … Continue reading A Year Older, Blogging and Insecurities 

My 5: Nigerian Bloggers That Inspire Me

Currently listening to Davido - Fia Before I started blogging I don’t think I fully understood what and who a blogger was. I had never really read a blog post well except for Linda Ikeji’s blog, so I didn’t really get the concept. Then one day a friend sends me picture of a popular blogger … Continue reading My 5: Nigerian Bloggers That Inspire Me

Event: GTBank Fashion Weekend 

Currently listening to Justin Bieber -Sorry The day was finally here, my debut appearance, I needed to make a statement, to be seen. The lights were on full voltage and the cameras already clicking all that was left was for me to walk the runway..... After the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design week came the … Continue reading Event: GTBank Fashion Weekend 

How I Edit my Instagram Pictures

Currently listening to Freestyle Rap - Hazy I remember when Instagram first came out I was sooo clueless as to what it was. My youngest brother was the one who put me through, even after that I still didn’t think it was a big deal. Fast forward to 2017, Instagram is one of the biggest … Continue reading How I Edit my Instagram Pictures