Meet and Greet @ The CakeFlair

Currently watching The Loud House Hi guys, you're welcome back to my blog and if its your first time here you're most definitely welcome. I'm trying to reach 300 followers (currently at 117) on my blog by the end of this year and I don't know how its going to happen but that's my goal, [...]

My 5: YouTube Makeup/Beauty Influencers

​Currently listening to Johnny Drille - Romeo & Juliet YouTube has become a major part of my life lately. Its like a whole new world (yeah I sang it!) and it has really helped me a lot, well except for the fact that I now pay a ton for data subscription. Today I'm going to be [...]

The Mystery Blogger Award

I've finally been nominated for an award!!!!! Y'all know i don't come around on Fridays but i had to for this one, twelchbaker19 nominated your girl for The Mystery Blogger Award!!! Thank you soo much girl, i really appreciate it. So the Mystery Award is basically for upcoming blogs that have yet to be discovered [...]

Uzzy Lately| June ’17

NP DJ Khaled ft Rihanna & Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts A couple of months back I thought about doing an update post but I didn't cos I was afraid, afraid to put out a post that people won't be interested in. Now I'm more confident about my blog and I'm going to start sharing [...]

The 5: Essentials for the Rainy Season

Currently listening to Sophie B. Hawkins - As I Lay Me Down Hey y'all and if you're new to my blog youre most definitely welcome.  So its been raining like every other day and its kinda annoying cos one minute its sunny, then you blink and its raining cats and dog! This one time the [...]