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Getting up is hard. Starting all over is even harder. However, overcoming and becoming who you’re meant to be is the real joy. A lot of times people think blacks do not go through depression because we aren’t as extreme as the white but reverse is the case. I went through depression a few weeks back and it really took a toll on me. Many times we are so good at hiding what we go through its hard for people to even believe you when you say you’re depressed.

As a creative every little thing inspires me, but after hitting a wall it became so hard to pick myself up. A couple of times I wanted to write, to take a picture, film a video but I couldn’t because I was so absorbed in my mood. Today I’ll be sharing how I was able to pick myself up.



If you’ve been depressed before you’d notice how hard it is for you to pray. Every time you want to close your eyes it feels like you don’t even know what to say or even shut your eyes. Talking to God about how I felt like he was there was so much easier. Most times on my way to work I’d just say to him “God please I don’t want anyone to disturb me today I’m not just ready to talk to anybody ” or “I hope my boss leaves early, I just want to go home and sleep” and surprisingly that was exactly how my day would go. He really does listen guys!


A problem shared is truly half solved! Confide in someone you know will give you the best of advice without judging or criticizing you. Encouragement goes a long way in lifting the mind.


Do you have that project you’ve been thinking about for a long time, start working towards it. Make plans and put timelines to it, that way your attention is on something else. (p.s I cant wait for mine to materialize!!). Think of something you’ve always wanted to do, it could be taking a course, acquiring a skill, starting a business or even getting a flat tummy,whatever it is focus on it.



I love to swim and its something I don’t get to do regularly but I’m going to make the effort to find a good pool close to where I’m going to be based and just relax and be fit. Asides sports you could also engage in reading, talking, traveling, cooking etc.


Like Ronke Raji once told me “Happiness is in moments”, enjoy every moment as it comes, make memories.  If you want to live a happy life, tie your happiness to a goal and not an object or person – Kozamsi


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Top – DIY Scarf top

Jeans – Thrifted

Learning to move on is something we all have to experience to grow, it’s not going to be an immediate healing but it’s a start. Take a break, breathe and rediscover yourself, find your fire. It may be a week, two or even months but the end is definitely going to be worth it, just know that Gods got you and so therefore you’re a banger! (If you know, you know). Do have an awesome week ahead and stay blessed!

P.S If you’re not sure if you’re going through depression , please check out Thonias post on Recognizing Depression.


I can’t believe I’m publishing my 100th post on the blog, and I couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thank you! So I’ll be giving away a pair of lashes from sisi_lade and a perfume from perfumeehub


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Have you been through depression, how did you handle it? Let’s share in the comments.


  1. I’ve been through depression before and I handles it by discovering the joy of the Lord. I think also digging what causes your depression is key to getting out of it. I knew what was causing mine so that helped me to snap out of it.
    Wonderful tips and nice pictures as always


  2. Thank you so much for sharing this tips as they are so important and I’m really glad we are usin our platforms to encourage people going through depression. I love this post and thank you for sharing


    1. Thank you! I didn’t want to talk about it before because I didn’t know how people will receive it but after reading your post I was encouraged to share mine. Thank you for paving the way!


  3. Love this post. I dont think my depression has left me quite yet but it’s better. I hvnt had a panic attack since February, so progress…i really found this post helpful and reading other peoples comments make me feel not so alone💓


  4. Love how you are willing to be open, honest and face this head on. There are so many battling this, and so many feel so helpless!
    If I may, I’d like to offer some advice. Have you studied the gut-brain connection? The gut is responsible for making 80% of seratonin and 60% of dopamine, as well as its own neurotransmitters. It communicates with the brain unceasingly.
    In my studies, depression (and anxiety) are caused primarily by two things: inflammation and nutrient deficiencies.
    Mindset greatly affects how we feel, don’t get me wrong! The spiritual aspect is important. But I would also recommend researching the body as well. We don’t have to feel hopeless!

    Please check out my blog ( and my fb page ( if you would like to read more about the gut-brain connection. Best wishes!

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