Makeup Hack: Powder before Foundation

Currently listening to Mo - Nights with you   Hi blogosphere, you're welcome back to my blog and if it's your first time here you're most definitely welcome. Today's post is going to be about the reigning makeup hack  which is the powder before foundation.  I decided to test out this hack on a day [...]


MOTD: Orange is the new Black

Currently listening to Ronke Raji - YouTube Hi guys, welcome back to my blog and if its your first time stopping by, you're most definitely welcome. hows your week going, hope you're making the best of it no matter what and if you're yet to check out how you can rock the Ankara bell sleeves [...]

Outfit: Off Shoulder Ankara Bell Sleeves

Currently listening to Snoop Dog - Drop it like it's hot Hey people! How was the weekend, hope it was better than mine coz weekend that there's no money is that one weekend. However, I was able to recreate this look Ronke Raji posted on her IG page and for me that was a weekend [...]

Be you?

Currently listening to Lil Mix - No more sad songs  Guys I think I have a problem, I'm addicted to Denim and I'm not sure if it's a good thing. What I do know is that Denim is Me and that brings me today's post.  Outfit Details  Top - DIY from an Oleku top Denim [...]

DIY: Highlighter

I guess it's safe to say that having a highlighter is a must! So recently I've been so obsessed with heavy highlights, the type that's all up in your face! Annoying thing is they seem to be annoyingly expensive and that's why I don't own one * insert surprised smiley here*. During one of my [...]


Currently listening to Better - Meghan Trainor Happy Sunday (it's raining on a Sunday 😕) So recently I've been on a DIY roll and trust me it feels awesome. Creating and recreating gives you some sense of fulfillment and pride too.Right now I'm basking in that euphoria. I went to the market recently and I [...]