DIY: Highlighter

I guess it’s safe to say that having a highlighter is a must!

So recently I’ve been so obsessed with heavy highlights, the type that’s all up in your face! Annoying thing is they seem to be annoyingly expensive and that’s why I don’t own one * insert surprised smiley here*. During one of my market days I came across a bronze looking loose pigment and I immediately purchased it cos I figured it’ll look good as a highlighter. However, it didn’t quite turn out the way I thought it would, so I dumped it. Then one day I came across a video on YouTube on DIY highlighter and so I decided to try it out. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I thought it would, again! As soon as it dried up it turned loose again. So I added a few things to the mixture and Voila I got my highlighter!

What you’d need 

• Pigment (any color)

• Alcohol

• Empty container

• Empty highlighter/powder pan

• Spatula (in my case I used a thin makeup brush)

• Binding oil ( I used coconut oil)

• Tissue/Paper Towel

• Brown loose powder

* Pour out your pigment and a little amount of loose powder into the empty plate and mix with a little alcohol, enough to make a paste. Be careful not to put too much it would make the drying process longer. Make sure there are no bumps. Add a few drops of oil to the mixture.

* Swap it to see how it looks. Mind you it’s gonna be more pigmented when wet.

* Pour mixture into the empty highlighter case and smoothen it out.

* Take a paper towel and place it on the mixture, use an object the size of the highlighter pan to further smoothen it and blot the excess alcohol.

* Add designs if you wish

* Leave to dry and you have yourself a bomb ass highlighter!

P.S I’m drooling over my brows Damn!!!!

Pigment was gotten from the Lagos market for Two Thousand Naira and I used little above a quarter for this DIY so I’d say its totally worth the price. I hope you enjoyed this post. Do have an awesome day!


16 thoughts on “DIY: Highlighter

  1. This is so cool!! I’ve heard of a diy highlighter before now. It looks so good and it’s super affordable. I need to try this, as soon as I can lay my hands on a pigment. Nice one👍


    1. Thanks Vanessa. I’m afraid it has no name O. I saw the color and immediately fell in love with it. However I kinda tweaked it a bit to make it mine.


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