"We are stars wrapped in skin - the light you are looking for has always been within" - Unknown It has been so hard to write lately and at the same time all I want to do is write about everything. A lot has happened since this year began and to be honest the negatives … Continue reading PRODUCT REVIEW: ARAWA ESSENTIALS

Outfit: Draped in George

Currently listening to Cardi b ft Migos - Drip The other day I was thinking of what word to describe my fashion style and just now eccentric is what comes to mind. Every time I dress up I want to stand out, what's the point if they don't stare right and subconsciously comfort has always … Continue reading Outfit: Draped in George

Outfit: New Year’s Eve

Currently watching LEGO Ninjago It's funny how I never expected the end of this year to be this good for me (well at least to some extent). My IG game improved, my posts seemed to more relevant and I won an international giveaway (@ronkeraji)!! However, I've been having some Christmas blues but I'm slowly getting … Continue reading Outfit: New Year’s Eve

Christmas Blues

Currently listening to Cardi B ft 21 Savage - Bartier Cardi Christmas happens to be one of the most celebrated events across the world and the birth of Jesus is no doubt the greatest event in history. Christmas comes with a lot of glamour, music, lights, food and I mean lots of food! It literally … Continue reading Christmas Blues

Denim and White Outfit Inspo

Currently listening to N.E.R.D - Lemonade Denim and white is definitely one of the most staple common outfits that you can easily slay in. The denim has a casual, laid back look while the white gives the classic chic vibes that is hard to miss. A lot of times people pair their denim with plain … Continue reading Denim and White Outfit Inspo

The 5: Easy Tips on Switching an Office Outfit to Street Style

Currently listening to Nothing Its Day 2 of the Lagos Fashion and Design week and a lot of us still have to go to work. However, that doesn’t mean you can not attend the show, it starts by 5pm so that  you can still catch up with the street style runway show. In order for … Continue reading The 5: Easy Tips on Switching an Office Outfit to Street Style