DIY: Tinted Brow Gel

Currently listening to MO - Final Song Ever since I became interested in makeup I've been obsessed with brows. It took me about 4 years to be able to learn the art of fleeking brows all by myself (and YouTube) and I must say I'm pretty impressed with how well I have improved. However, over [...]


Outfit: Off Shoulder Ankara Bell Sleeves

Currently listening to Snoop Dog - Drop it like it's hot Hey people! How was the weekend, hope it was better than mine coz weekend that there's no money is that one weekend. However, I was able to recreate this look Ronke Raji posted on her IG page and for me that was a weekend [...]

DIY: Highlighter

I guess it's safe to say that having a highlighter is a must! So recently I've been so obsessed with heavy highlights, the type that's all up in your face! Annoying thing is they seem to be annoyingly expensive and that's why I don't own one * insert surprised smiley here*. During one of my [...]


Currently listening to Better - Meghan Trainor Happy Sunday (it's raining on a Sunday 😕) So recently I've been on a DIY roll and trust me it feels awesome. Creating and recreating gives you some sense of fulfillment and pride too.Right now I'm basking in that euphoria. I went to the market recently and I [...]


Hey lovelies, hope we all enjoyed the lil holiday in honor of our beloved country. Today is going to be the Monday-est Tuesday being the first working day of the month 😢. But anyways amo shine when amo shine!😏. Everyone will agree with me that chokers are the in thing right now whether it's leather, [...]