Starting Over

Starting Over is hard. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, allow me to reintroduce myself.

Starting Over

Hi my name is Uzo Kalu aka Uzzymami and I am a Fashion, Beauty, DIY and Lifestyle Blogger/Youtuber based in Lagos, Nigeria and you’re welcome to Life of Uzzy. I have been blogging for over a two years now but some time last year I got into a bit of a situation and I found myself overwhelmed by it all. This made it hard for me to create content and focus on my Social Media platforms. Unlike other blogging breaks, this wasn’t a time I used to reflect or plan. I basically just went into my shell and dwelled in has-beens.

Starting Over

Starting Over

However, as the year came to an end I began to reflect on everything and ask myself if I really wanted to go back to creating content, if I still enjoyed it and if I was willing to put in the extra work and the answer was YES. Balancing my work life with being a blogger is something I plan on paying more attention to and seeking help if need be.

Starting Over

So here’s to new beginnings, being consistent on all my platforms and securing the baggggg!!!! Over time I’ll be sharing with you guys my plan for the year and how I intend achieving them.

Starting Over

Starting Over

Wishing you guys a very amazing year ahead.


20 thoughts on “Starting Over

  1. welcome back my dear…..sometimes work and other situation can be a distraction from blogging,but thank God that you have taken the bold step to start again.Am also new here pls do well to check my blog out.Thanks


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