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Finally January is over! I swear we literally spent 100 days this month, however, I’m actually grateful for how well it has been going so far. I published my first post of the year after what seemed like a million years, I also made some money moves *Okurrr*, and above all rekindled an flame. One of my goals for the year is to be intentional about my life, how I spend my time and resources and basically live a baby girl life, so I decided to share with you the apps that I’ve been loving so far in 2019.

YouVersion Bible

Remember when I said I rekindled an old flame, yeah it’s with my heavenly father. Last year I was so distant from him but it was so amazing to see how he was still always with me. This year I’ve been taking my devotional much serious now and this app helps me to target personal Issues I’m dealing with. For example, the fist plan i started with was on Fear and boy do I feel soo much more confident in my craft because I know Gods got me.


I remember seeing the dust and light filters on thesvnflwrs post for a long time and wanting it so bad. Then I was introduced to KUNI Cam and bruh I was hooked! These filters just have a way of making your photos look sophisticated! I haven’t had any need to purchase any more filters because the free ones are really so good, especially when manipulated well.


In my opinion this app doesn’t get as much accolades as it should. When I was still struggling with my IG feed/theme, I tried the UNUM app but after a while I realized that there’s little you can do on the app without internet connection. However, on the preview app you can do a lot of editing and moving around to get that perfect feed.


this app helped me a lot last year but i never thought to download the app *Sounds weird right* I had been using the online version and only this year did I download the app and its safe to say that I might become a millionaire this year *Wink*

Lifesum: Diet Tips & Nutrition

Making the transition as a good and junk lover is very tough. Staying away from junk food most especially is the hardest because I love sugar, spice and everything nice *cue power puff girl song*. Having an app that can help me keep my calories on check and also provide me with a wide variety of meal options is just what I need to get my dream body to return from war!!

That’s it for this post guys, I hope this post is helpful to you and you’re inspired to try them out. Wishing you guys a lovely month of February *pun intended*.

Love and Peace…

Do you see any of your favorite apps? What apps are you loving now? Do share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, thank you!!



6 thoughts on “5 APPS I’M LOVING IN 2019

  1. Piggybank and You version are my life saver. They have made life easy for me. I don’t have to struggle with sourcing for devotionals with You version Bible and saving my penny just got easier with Piggybank. I actually have a post on piggybank on the blog.

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  2. I love the Youversion and piggybank app! God comes first and trust me for now, finances have to move up too.

    I should definitely try out this kumi cam(who doesn’t want a popping IG feed, lol).

    I had the UNUM app but deleted it, I would try out the preview app.

    Thank you so much for sharing dear. Have a prosperous new month!

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  3. I love the YouVersion app. I downloaded the Preview app but I haven’t used it yet. I’m not posting on Instagram feed just yet. Stories is all I have strength for. I think I’m sleeping on the PiggyBank app, but I plan on using it to save more often even if it’s 1k a week. Haven’t heard of the other apps, are they available for android users. Please let me know.

    Thanks for sharing on your blog. Cheers!



    1. Piggybank is a life saver ooo and you can start building your ig feed gradually on preview. The other apps should be available on Android. Thanks for reading Fehintola ❤️❤️


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