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Focallure Secret Palette
Focallure Secret Palette

*clears cobweb*  The last time I was here was in January and I honestly thought that I was back on the grind but look who’s back here in July (6 months after…lol). However, we’re not going to talk about this today because I finally have a new product to review.


The packaging is very sturdy and beautiful at the same time, aesthetically pleasing and emphasises the theme of the palette. It also comes with a very good quality mirror which is a plus, this just helps to reduce the clumsiness when using the palette. I know this might sound irrelevant but I liked how the names of the shade related with the green theme of the palette for example Avocado, Forest Green, Secret Garden, these are all green things. I also observed that there wasn’t any neon shade in the palette and that was quite disappointing, for a monotone palette I expected to see at least one neon shade in there.

Focallure Secret Palette
Focallure Secret Palette


It is a 9-pan eyeshadow palette: 5 Shimmer and 4 Matte shades. The Shimmer shades are kinda foiled and are tightly packed, some almost feel like pressed glitters. On application, the matte shades have little to no fallout and are quite pigmented. They also apply the same way they appear when swatched and are easy to blend. On the other hand, the shimmer shades are also quiet easy to blend, however, they lack pigment and are quite impossible to apply using a brush (whether wet or dry) but they apply smoothly and more pigmented when the fingers are used instead.



I loved the design and quality of the packaging, it shows there was a thought process surrounding the production. From the price point, the quality of the shadows were also very commendable, pigmented and easy to blend. My cons would have to be the fact that the shimmers do not work well with a brush and the absence of a neon shade. This product retails for #3,800, $9.99 and it can be gotten from a variety of sources: The official Focallure site, Aliexpress, Jumia, @focallurenigeria_,

Focallure Secret Palette

Rating: 7/10


I hope this post was helpful and please let me know your thoughts in the comment section as well as other items you’d like me to review. Also please leave a Green heart emoji in the comment section of the video. Do have an awesome day, Stay Blessed.


Have you tried any focallure product? What’s your go-to budget friendly eyeshadow brand? Let me know in the comment section…xoxo






  1. Welcome back! I like the packaging but it’ll be hard for me to fork out nearly 4k for just green haha. I guess when you’re a deep makeup enthusiast it hits differently. You look gorgeous though! Hoping you revive your blog and give us more content. No pressure, no rush, just do your thing girl

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    1. Thank you girl!! Tbh if you’re not a makeup enthusiast it’s pointless buying it however the brand is actually doing legit stuff and I’ll advice you purchase during sales cos I eventually got mine for 1900

      Liked by 1 person

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