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Blank Canvas

It’s a new year alright but apart from the date change what else is new?

On exiting the previous year I made a decision that the first post I put up in 2018 will be on my own domain but I guess the odds weren’t with me! I was somewhat disappointed when I wasn’t able to tick it off my goals list but then it occurred to me that I’ve actually accomplished something already! Stick till the end and you’ll see.

Blank Canvas

Happy new year guys!! I know I’m a bit late on the greetings but better late than never right. It’s funny how we always look at the new year in a different limelight, like we’ve moved to a different timezone, an alternate universe where we think everything that happened in the previous year is over and will never resurface but the jokes on us! You see all sort of squads coming up “New year, New me”, “New year resolution gang”and the ones that are all about “Goals”. But in reality the new year is really just a new day like any other, so why make it different from the previous day? Why leave out what could have been done on Dec 31st for Jan 1st.

Blank Canvas

Its ok to set goals at the beginning of the year, helps you take into account all that you have achieved as well as push you to accomplishing more. However, do not take it as an excuse to save what you can do now for later, make a conscious effort to accomplish, learn, inspire something/someone everyday.

Blank CanvasBlank Canvas

Blank Canvas

It’s a new year, lets all be purposeful of all our goals this year, remember it’s still the same number of hours, days, weeks and months as 2017! Slay all day, make a difference, grow and bloom in whatever situation you find yourself in, be creative no matter how insignificant it is, rememberΒ little drops make an ocean and don’t be afraid to try again when you fail.

So without further ado I’ll like to introduce my YouTube channel to you guys and I’m really excited about it because I’ve been wanting to start since forever. I already have some videos up and this look will be soon be up as well. So please y’all go check it out as well as give it a thumbs up and of course subscribe!!Blank CanvasWishing you all an amazing year filled with sooo much joy, peace, love and courage to get back up when you hit the floor.


What do you guys think of this look, nailed it or nah? Lemme know in the comments section. Xoxo

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