Outfit: Black Love

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Writing this post seemed so hard for me because I had a lot on my mind and I wasn’t sure of  what I wanted to share. Valentines day has never really been a day I look forward to because i never saw it as been special partly because of my relationship status. For as long as I can remember Ive been single so when i think about Vals day the only people that come into my mind are my family members and my best friend.


Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe in Vals day and I have val’d a couple of guys because I believe you don’t have to receive love before you can show it. However, I think I’m going to sit this one out, not because I’m single but because I believe I do not love myself enough. So I’m taking out time to appreciate myself more, bask in my little victories, encourage myself more, reward myself better and just be happy!


So in other news, its black history month and also the black panther movie day, how Black-ish (pun intended) can this day get!!! When I was putting together this outfit I knew I wanted the whole all black fierce vibe but I also wanted something feminine hence the lace corset and the skinny jeans and black makeup.

Outfit Details


Top – DIY

Jeans – Thrifted

Shoe – Faith

Neck piece – DIY


All black outfit


That’s it for this post guys, always remember you don’t need anyone to make you a better person or to make you happy, single or in a relationship you deserve the best! If it aint working, move on! I hope this post is able to make someone feel better about being single on Lovers day! Do have a lovely valentines day and stay blessed!


Life of Uzzy

Are you team Valentine or anti-valentine? Whats your take on self love? Lets talk in the comments section. XOXO



25 thoughts on “Outfit: Black Love

  1. Hi uzzy, this was a perfectly worded message from my heart am not sure am anti! But I certainly believe love must emanate from one’s self first, it’s important so you don’t lose sight of what matters.

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  2. I’m Team Valentine o even though I dunno how it’s celebrated because I don’t believe it’s meant for just lovers.
    As for your look, I love the whole concept, the location added some extras to the look. Black really look good on you.

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  3. Simply fantastic. You did actually kill the looks and the wordings too.. And I agree with you, no one can love you more than you👌 . And yeah! Black panther was worth the wait and all-nighter. Kudos. 👍

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  4. An all-black outfit is always fail-safe and I love how you pulled this off. Nice use of location too! Self-love is ultimately needed to be you single or in a relationship plus I don’t believe in choosing a particular day or occasion to go all out for that special someone.


  5. You look all kinds of stunning hun! And I love the setting of your shoot. Its unexpected and different. Did you get to watch black panther!!!!!!! More grace to you as you pursue self love and growth!


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