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Glam Gals Makeup

Hey guys! So as an influencer who also has a 9-5 its quiet difficult for me to do stuff like makeup challenges, attend events (because they are mostly held during te week) or even have like a regular schedule and trust me it can be so annoying. Every once in a while I ask myself am i really delivering quality content, are my readers benefiting from my posts? Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Lately I’ve been on a quest to getting that flawless skin in the most affordable way and that has resulted in me trying out a lot of new stuff. Todays review is on the Glam Gals Ultra Waterproof Liquid Foundation and Banana Luxury Powder.


Glam Gals Makeup

This product claims to be Oil-free, Mattifying, Shine-control, Water-proof and lasts up to 12 hours. It is a medium to full coverage foundation, blends well and isn’t too drying, also light weight with little transfer and very skin-like. Application with a damp beauty blender gives more coverage than with a foundation brush.


Glam Gals Makeup

This powder is very smooth and can settle into creases. It has a red undertone as against other banana powders with a yellow/golden undertone. Like the foundation, applying with a beauty blender ensures more coverage.


Glam Gals Makeup

The packaging was pretty neat, nothing to fancy but well done. On the other hand their shade range wasn’t so impressive and the undertones seem to run more red than neutral or yellow. The foundation and powder cost #3,700 and #3,000 respectively which is pretty affordable. My overall rating would be a 7/10 and is majorly attributed to the fact that the undertones are not well distributed.

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Have you used any GlamGals product before, what was tour experience? Do you have any product you want me to review, let me know in the comments section…xoxo!


  1. I purchased their liquid matte foundation and it’s just like a waste of money. Their is nothing matte about it and the shade for dark skin is so off. So for me, the brand is a big NO.


    1. So Sorry about that, I also got the same response from someone else. their shade range is definitely off but I also wondered why I had never seen anyone use the one in the tube that’s why i got the tube one. Will be trying it out tomorrow for a wear test and I’ll update you on how it wears. Thanks for reading Yemi!


      1. love your blog Uzzy. You are always on point. Plz do give us a feedback on how it goes. Thanks so much.


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