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How I edit my Selfie Pictures
Before and After

As a new blogger I struggled with taking and editing pictures, I thought I had tried everything and I just wasn’t meant to have that to die for pictures, so I gave up because “I cannot come and kill my self”. But after being inspired by the likes of Ronke Raji and Dimma Umeh I knew I had to put in more work. So if you want to see how I went from Bleh to Boom then keep on reading.

P.S All apps mentioned are free. 


This is the first app I go in to and I basically use it to whiten my backgrounds, add a little detail to my brows and jewelry.

How I edit my Selfie Pictures

Next I go into the Paint tool to add more color to an outfit or even out my skin tone using the picker and tone tool. After which I use the filter Oasis (OA1) and I bring it down to like 35-40 depending on the brightness of the picture. Whenever I want to be extra I use the light FX to add light to my jewelry/picture or I Defocus if I’m not feeling the background of the picture then I save.

How I edit my Selfie Pictures


Next I open the saved image in Photoshop express. To be honest if you’re using your phone to take pictures and you want that clean smooth effect then this app is a must. However, I only use this to Clarify (-20) and Sharpen (+20) my selfies.

How I edit my Selfie Pictures

I like my pictures to look crisp and not to washed out that you can’t see the details and that’s what this app does for me. Sometimes I use it add Whites and Blacks to the picture, this brightens the picture while adding color to it.


Now this app is just being extra and is basically for selfies! I use this to soften my skin, slim my face a bit, enlarge and brighten my eyes and contour my nose.

How I edit my Selfie Pictures

How I edit my Selfie Pictures

You might not see the difference in the pictures above but I assure you its evident. This app can also be used to change your eye, hair and lip color and a whole lotta other stuff.


This app right here is definitely the OG of all my editing apps. Its copy and paste option just makes everything so easy and you honestly don’t have to do much here. I use the C1 filter and tune it +1.0, this sorta brings down the temperature of the picture without making it look too cold.

How I edit my Selfie Pictures

Finally I tweak the exposure, temperature, skin tone and add some grain to the picture so it still looks realistic. That’s basically the whole process, whenever I upload to Instagram I add tint up to the tune of +6.0 to give it that pinkish-purple look.

How I edit my Selfie Pictures

How I edit my Selfie Pictures

That’s it guys for this post, all the apps mentioned are available on both ios and android devices except Facetune 2 and I believe an alternative for this app is the Airbrush app. I hope you were able to pick one or two this from this post to up your game and don’t forget to do your own research and recreate what works best for you, I’d be more than willing to learn from you. Do have an amazing rest of the week and stay blessed!



Are you particular about editing your selfies, do you think this is too much? What is your go to app for editing your pictures/selfies? Please share in the comments section XoXo


  1. I had Photoshop express but because I lost my phone I’ve lost it, def downloading it again. Its weird how I had an idea to do a post like this!!! Lmao. This was actually so helpful!


  2. Love this post. It is very informative. I use Facetune 2 and VSCO. I’m still trying to use the same presets for all pictures so my feed looks cohesive.
    Go girl!


  3. I used to use vsco cam a lot when I first started this blog and Instagram thing. But these days I just use Facetune to whiten, adjust brightness and contrast and post it, the over filtered photos are not really my thing for now. But I’m going to download photo shop express right now, thank you for sharing

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