Currently listening to Cardi B ft Migos – Drip

Came through dripping…drip drip! Okkuuurrr!

So many songs come to mind as I look at these pictures because in all honesty I was really feeling myself! For a while I hadn’t done a diy because of lack of motivation as well as I didn’t really see anything unique I wanted to recreate but as soon as I saw the Fenty beauty body lava I knew I had found the one.

Things you’ll need

Aloe Vera gel


Coconut oil (or any body oil)

Pigment (or highlighters of your choice)

* Mix your aloe Vera gel, glycerin together in a bowl/Petri dish making sure the consistency is more gel than liquid. This is to ensure your mixture doesn’t turn to water over time.

* Add your pigment in to the mixture, you can do this little at a time or all at once.

* Once you’re satisfied with the consistency and glow add some drops of oil for that extra glow.

The major component of this diy is water and it only seems right that it’ll be perfect for the Nigerian climate, the glycerin is to give the pigment something to attach to and the oil like I said is for extra glow. For more visuals and an in-depth tutorial please watch my YouTube video attached to this post.

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and if you do get to recreate yours please tag me @uzzymami on IG and use the #MamiBodyDrip. Do have a lovely week and stay blessed!!


Team subtle glow or Team blinding highlight, rep yourself in the comment section below!


  1. I see you owning your own beauty/cosmetic brand someday, You are just so good at it. Your beauty DIYs are so unique, affordable and does the work like the big brand. I will definitely buy ‘Lou’ cosmetics in the future especially this body lava #mamibodydrip. Nice one b.


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