Product Review: Glam’s Makeup Cream Matt Foundation

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Glam’s makeup

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So after reading Thoniabankz post on working with brands I started feeling like I’m not delivering quality content and my pictures aren’t quality enough because my views started dropping, I’ve been on the same 1500 followers, I haven’t been noticed by the brands I want to work with and I’m not getting paid. This got me feeling some type of way, to be honest I’m feeling discouraged right now and just thinking about quitting. It just feels like I’m not doing enough and it’s slowly making me feel incompetent. I don’t want to compare myself with anyone but for once I’d love to say I’ve worked with brands that I look up to. I’ll stop here for now and get right into the review of the Glam’s Creamy Matt Foundation

Glam’s makeup

First Impression

I got the foundation for #4,000 in the shade chocolate. The packaging is alright, I especially like the frosted glass. The formula is a moose finish (just like the maybelline one) however I thought it would be a bit fluffy like a hair moose lol

Glam’s makeup


I did not color correct neither did I use a powder before application. I used a foundation buffer brush to pick the product and blended it out using a damp beauty blender.

Final Thoughts

On application I realized that the undertone of my skin didn’t match with the foundation. The coverage I got on the first application was pretty good considering I didn’t color correct so I would say it’s a medium to full coverage foundation. Truly a matte foundation with a velvet finish as it didn’t make my face feel like it could crack if I smile, it made my face feel moisturized and had very little transfer. My personal rating for this foundation would be 7/10 simply because it wasn’t my undertone.

This foundation also comes in a liquid formula and is not the same as the Glam beauty foundation. Also the liquid formula appears darker than the moose meaning the chocolate liquid is darker that the chocolate moose (I hope I’m making sense). I hope this review is helpful to anyone looking to get a good matte affordable foundation. Do let me know in the comments section what other foundations you’d like me to review as I’m trying to up my skin game. Have a lovely week and stay blessed!


Have you tried a moose foundation before? Any foundation you want me to review? Hit me up in the comments section, I’d love to help!

11 thoughts on “Product Review: Glam’s Makeup Cream Matt Foundation

  1. First your pictures are popping!!! Also if you feel down,don’t! Just constantly try to intentionally do better and get better! That’s all we can do. Really really great review in all


  2. Girl who said you are not doing enough? You are doing amazing and trust me we all go through this phase but what makes us victorious is not allowing whatever is bothering you make you stop creating good content. Also the post also helps to show that regardless of the number of followers you have, you’ll get that paid collaboration soon, keep working hard

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  3. I use this foundation and I love how easy it is to apply and how matte it is. My only problem is the shade doesn’t perfectly match with my skin, I guess it is the undertone you talked about because the next shade lighter makes me red. Please what type of foundation is this called, is it a cream foundation or cream to powder? because I am trying to get a foundation that is creamy like this and easy to apply but in another brand with variety of shades. Please can you suggest any, thank you.

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    1. It’s a moose foundation and maybelline is another brand that has something like this and it’s really good. They have a wider range as well and it’s quite affordable. Thanks for reading!


  4. Good day dear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I have been using glam since last year. When I went to their stand at Spar mall Enugu recently to get another, to my disappointment they had moved! Maybelline now occupies the stand. So the sales rep convinced me to buy their product which I did. I just want you to review it for me. As to if I made the right choice buying it. I bought the liquid foundation and the powder. Thanks


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