My 5: YouTube Makeup/Beauty Influencers

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YouTube has become a major part of my life lately. Its like a whole new world (yeah I sang it!) and it has really helped me a lot, well except for the fact that I now pay a ton for data subscription. Today I’m going to be sharing with you My Top 5 beauty/makeup YouTubers.

#1 – Ronke Raji aka GLOW MAMA

I kid you not when I say Ronke is the Glow Mama, her highlight literally blings/shines! I stumbled upon her via google and this was when I was trying to learn the ombre lips. Her lips were and are still so perfect and I just had to go to her channel. Funny thing is I didn’t subscribed to her channel then and I cant remember why. Fast forward to now, IDO NOT miss her videos for anything, most of my looks are inspired by her and guys she has the most amazing personalty ever! Shes good at what she does and her videos are so clean and her inspiratorials (she coined the word..isn’t she a genius!), where she does tutorials over with an inspirational voice over are really so helpful. If you’re a makeup newbie or makeup lover then you should really check out her page on IG and subscribe to herYouTube channel.

#2 – Toni Olaoye

I don’t really remember how I stumbled upon Toni but she’s good. I think I her video popped up in my recently uploaded section and I remember saying to myself “this girl is good”. So I watched a couple of her videos and I was hooked. If you’re a Toni fan then you’d know I stole my intro from her! For makeup and weave lovers, you can find her on IG and you can also subscribe to her channelhere

#3 TastePINK

When I first learnt about crochet braids I was confused as well as in awe of how versatile it was. Then I came across TastePINK and to be very honest after watching the first video I immediately understood what it was all about. She is such a good teacher, takes her time to explain and is very thorough. Another thing that got me hooked was how she was able to come out of a really bad relationship and how she talks about it so others can learn from her mistakes. She also talks about healthy eating too, but if you’re looking for crochet hair inspo then shes your girl!

#4 Freedom Styles

Since were on the hair page then I might as well bring in this beauty too. Freedom is such a creative person! Whenever I watch her videos I’m thinking in my head “how the hell did she come up with this“. another amazing thing about her is her versatility, shes into braids, Ghana weaving, crochet braids, wig making, natural hair inspo. So if you fit into any these categories then you should check out her channel here

#5 Dimma Umeh

Of all these beauty influencers I’ve mentioned Dimma is the only one who is based here in Lagos, Nigeria, so its a really relatable account. I especially like her cos she tells you where she gets her products from, how much they cost and the special thing about them. If you’re looking for an account where you can find good makeup then Dimma is your girl. 

Yeah so that’s it for my 5. I really hope it was helpful for those who are looking to start learning Makeup. 

16 thoughts on “My 5: YouTube Makeup/Beauty Influencers

  1. I only recognise Ronke Raji out of these lovely ladies. Will definitely check out the others for more inspo. Particularly TastePINK as I’ve been obsessed with crotchet styles recently xx


    1. I just recently started following Dimma but I’m glad I did. You should check out TastePINK and Freedom for natural hair inspiration. Thanks for reading Wumi


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