Currently listening to the sound of a fan Hello beautiful people! If it's your first time here hi my name is Uzzy and I'm a fashion, Beauty and lifestyle blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria. A couple of weeks ago I got a package from Wispies Lashes and it was 2 pairs of lashes in which … Continue reading MOTD: CUT CREASE GLITTER MAKEUP

MOTD: Halo Eyes

Currently listening to the radio What inspires you? After watching Ronke Raji's IG tutorial I began to ask myself what inspires me. What makes me go on even when I don't have the tools I need, what makes me try even when If I know I won't get it right the first time and what … Continue reading MOTD: Halo Eyes

Rihanna Inspired Makeup Look

Currently listening to Dj Khaled ft Rihanna, Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts It's only right that I should be playing this song for this post. The first time I watched this video I was hooked. Rihanna's slay was way past the slay-o-meter!  Hey beautiful people you're welcome to my blog and if it's your first … Continue reading Rihanna Inspired Makeup Look

MOTD: Summer Sunset Eyes

Currently listening to my fan rolling  Looking at this picture just made me realize how talented I am and how I've been underestimating myself. My fear of failure has made me start a lot of things and not complete them, but being around a certain someone has made me realize that failure is inevitable if you … Continue reading MOTD: Summer Sunset Eyes