DIY: Designer Waist Belt Purse in 2 Easy Steps

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Waist purses aka fanny packs were very popular in the 90s, every cool kid had one. The thing is I was never really a fan, I hated the awkward shape. Fast forward to 2017 (year of the slayage) I fell in love with the designer waist belt trend after seeing it on bloggers @twiceblessed and because I’m still broke I DIYd it.

What you’ll need 

A small purse – Miniso

A belt – Thrifted 


Needle and thread

Matching fabric

  1. Using a leather puncher or any sharp object design your belt as you wish. I went for star and crystal studs because I wanted to be extra. I also added a star stud to the purse cos it was too plain.
  2. Next step is to take the matching strip of fabric (mine was vinyl) and attach it the back of the purse using a needle and thread making sure it fits the belt with very little allowance. So basically the length of the strip will be the length of your belt plus half an inch for sewing allowance while the width will be one inch. Also try to make the edges neat.

And there you have your very own designer waist belt purse. Post on how I style them will be up soon so stay glued. Having a rough day, just remember we’re halfway into the week so that means the weekend is near. Do have a wonderful day and stay blessed!


How do you fell about the waist belt trend? Do you see yourself owning one? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

8 thoughts on “DIY: Designer Waist Belt Purse in 2 Easy Steps

  1. I’m currently listening to Fia too haha.
    I still can’t rock the waist pouch thing, reminds me of NYSC camp days so bad (I never wore them on my waist either) but I’d keep admiring on you guys that can slay it. ❤


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