DIY: Body Shimer Spray and Cover Fx Enhancer Drops

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Hello everyone, you’re welcome to my blog and if it’s your first time, you’re most definitely welcome. It’s been a minute since I did a DIY post and I’ve been itching to get my hands dirty. So because I’ve been AWOL I’m going to make this post a 2-in-1 project as my way of making it up to you guys. 

While watching Deola Adebiyis DIY body shimmer oil I couldn’t help but try it out, so I went on to do a little more research. In her video she used only coconut and olive oil and pigments and that was something I wasn’t too comfortable with because our climate isn’t really suitable for oils especially if you’re a bus jumper like me. So I decided to modify the recipe and I think I did well if I do say so myself!

What you’d Need

An empty container

Setting spray (I’d be using the kiss beauty green tea)

Pigments ( Got mine from Lagos island)


Dropper bottle 

Household spirit


Small bowl 

* All measurements are based on personal discretion. 

Body Shimmery Spray

Depending on the quantity you want,  add your setting spray and coconut oil. I used more of coconut oil than argan oil cos thats what I had in sufficient quantity, you can also use olive oil. The setting spray should be about 1/5 of the total volume of the shimerry spray. 

• Mix all your pigments on a piece of paper and make it into a mini funnel then pour into your bottle. This just makes it neater. The more pigments you mix the more pigmented it’ll be so I’ll suggest you start out with small quantities. 

• Shake before use! 

Body Shimer Spray
Cover Fx Enhancer Drops aka Liquid Highlighter

In a bowl mix your coconut oil and pigments using your personal discretion. 

• When smooth add few drops of household spirit and continue to mix till you achieve a smooth consistency. 

• Pour mixture into a nylon, make a tiny opening and transfer to your dropper bottle. And you’re done!

Swatch of a Drop

So that’s it guys, I hope you like these DIYs cos I certainly did considering how the sun has gone on indefinite leave. So till he returns we gon keep glowing baby girl. Have a wonderful weekend and stay blessed!


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