Event: Lux Maju Shopping Party

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Hey Mamis! What’s popping y’all. So I was able to attend the #LuxMajuShoppingParty last Sunday (which was also my Dad’s birthday) and trust me when I say it was pretty cool. There was lots to drink and some awesome finger foods like miniature pizzas, meatballs, frozen yogurt, BBQ chicken etc.

Lux Maju Shopping Party
Sparkling Wine
Lux Maju Shopping Party
Sex on the Beach

For as long as I can remember Lux Soap has been a household name and if you can remember they used to have really cool commercials. So when I saw their collaboration with Maju I was a bit confused cos I wasn’t too sure how a skincare/beauty company and a fashion brand were going to create magic, I’m glad I was proved wrong. Thank God I’ve depleted my soap stock so I’ll be trying out the different Lux variants and see which one suits my skin best.

The Lux soap comes in five variants:

  • Soft caress (White Bar – Kehinde Smith)
  • Velvet touch (Nude Bar – Dodos Uvieghara)
  • Wake me up (Blue Bar – Ezinne Alfa
  • Soft touch (Pink Bar – Dimma Umeh)
  • Shake me up (Green Bar – Powede Lawrence)

The whole concept of this collaboration was to match these variants with a striking outfit personality along with the muses. The pieces were so beautiful and really portrayed the concept. Big thumbs up to Lux and the Maju team. At first sight I thought these pieces were going to break my bank but to surprise they’re really affordable.Some of the pieces that caught my attention ranged from #7,500-#10,000 however, most of the pieces seem to run small so it was kinda difficult picking something.

Lux Maju Shopping Party
Velvet Touch Collection
Lux Maju Shopping Party
Wake me Up Collection
Lux Maju Shopping Party
Soft Touch Collection
Lux Maju Shopping Party
Soft Caress

Some of the bags on display

I met some of the muses as well as some other bloggers. I also caught up with some old friends too, it was quite a sociable event I must say. Another thing i really like about the show was how organized it was and the venue was also beautiful (Tickle Bar, Lekki)

Lux Maju Shopping Party
Dodos Uvieghara (iam_dodos)

Guess what y’all @iamdodos_style legit asked about my highlighter, like she was impressed yo! She thought it was on of them Lux-urious brands, she even asked how I made it (Highlight of my day – Did you get that double pun!). So if you haven’t checked out my post on it just click here and here.

Lux Maju Shopping Party
Dimma Umeh
Lux Maju Shopping Party
Deola Adebiyi
Lux Maju Shopping Party
Mary Edoro (Lagoscitychick)
Lux Maju Shopping Party
Wendy AK

What I Wore

Top – M & S (Thrifted)

Ripped Jeans – DIY

Cut out boots – River Island (Thrifted)

Lux Maju Shopping PartyLux Maju Shopping Party


That’s it for this post guys, I hope you enjoyed it and please do check out the Maju site, I’ll list their details below. Do enjoy the rest of your week and stay blessed!




Life of Uzzy

What dyu think about Lux Beauty Soap and Maju fashion brand? Would you like to see more event posts? let me know in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “Event: Lux Maju Shopping Party

  1. What a gorgeous looking event, you met so many cool people! Glad someone appreciated your highlight. These photos in this post are popping o! Let me just snatch one for the aesthetic lol


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