The power of Forgiveness 

I told her everything! I thought she was my bestie!! How could she do this to me!!! These were the thoughts running through my head when I found out she traveled and didn’t tell me. 

It was a week to my neices birthday party and we spoke at length about everything happening and how we needed to see cos it had been ages since we last saw and I asked her if she was still traveling and she said she wasn’t sure. I sensed there was more to her answer but I didn’t want to push it cos I knew that when we see we’ll talk about everything. A couple of days to the party I called again to ask if she was still coming (I had sensed she wasn’t gonna come, but for a different reason) and she said she wasn’t sure but she’ll let me know. On the B-day I called severally but she didn’t answer and suddenly her number wasn’t reachable anymore. And at that moment I knew she had left the country. 

I was angry cos I felt she lied to me and I didn’t mean anything to her anymore so I waited for her to say something….anything! I felt she wasn’t even sorry! And I silently kept a grudge with her. 

The truth about situations like this is that people, unconsciously, will try to make your judgment justifiable whether wrong or right! and before you know it the bad blood starts brewing. If someone hurts you you’re allowed to get angry cos we’re all humans but NEVER EVER let your anger make you say or do things you’d regret in future, even the bible says in our anger we should not sin (Ephesians 4 vs 26) 

If you need space or a break from the person for a while, take it! Cool off, take time to think, ask yourself questions like if it were the other way round how would you feel? Always give people the benefit of doubt cos you’ll never know what it is they’re going through. 

A few days ago I chatted her up and she apologized again. I can’t begin to imagine what she’s going through right now but the least I can do is to forgive her and be there for her, cos if you truly care about someone it’s not that hard to forgive them. 

There’s this peace that comes with Forgiveness, a sense of liberation. Don’t deny yourself that peace cos someone hurt you. Let it go!

Have a great week people Caio ✌🏼️

❤️ Uzzymami ❤️

2 thoughts on “The power of Forgiveness 

  1. Sometimes you can forgive a person but there is always something that reminds you of that event and then you start getting angry again. For me it takes the grace of God to complately forgive and forget.


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