My Protective Styles Pt 1 + Quick DIY 

Protective styles are kinda like the in thing right now for both my natural and permed ladies (btw I’m a naturalista 😏). 

P.S: For the purpose of this post I’m gonna refer to protective styles as PS

So recently I realized that a lot of us are actually going about it the wrong way! PS is meant to “protect” your hair and not necessarily “grow”it!

PS is necessary for a healthy hair. The aim of any PS is to stop hair breakage/shedding, improve hair strengthen the hair and enable you keep your hair moisturized constantly. If your PS doesn’t do any of these then sister you’re on the wrong track!!! However, the problem may not be the style but how the style is done. Your hairdresser plays a major role in helping you achieve a healthy hair. Be wary of the ones that pull your hairline to tight or try to pick every single strand of hair, they are actually the ones destroying your hair.

When picking out a PS, these are a few points to take into consideration 

  1. It shouldn’t be tight or tug at your hairline. This causes tension and in turn leads to stunted growth 
  2. It should be easy to moisturize. When your hair ismoisturized you reduce your chances of getting a flaky or itchy scalp. 
  3. It should protect the ends of your hair
  4. It should be neat and stylish! (We didn’t start this journey to be looking mbeke-ish)

The PS I’ll be rocking this week is the regular cornrows with no design. It’s the most comfortable PS and the easiest to maintain (in my opinion)

So now to the exciting part of this post!!!! My Manolo Blahnik inspired DIY 👠👠👠👠👠

These shoes gimme life!!!! They are so classy and sassy! So I was in the market and I came across a bag ornament and I knew I had to get it via they were perfect for this DIY and guess what!!! They only cost 100 box! Broaches can also be used but the thing about broaches is that most times you don’t get two of the same types, especially when they are so unique

What you’ll need 

Place your ornament on your show and once you’re satisfied with the placement glue the ornament to the shoe and Voila! 

Tomorrow is Monday 😫. Wishing everybori a blessed week ahead….Kizzez 😘

❤️ Uzzymami ❤️

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