Outfit: Draped in George

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George outfit

The other day I was thinking of what word to describe my fashion style and just now eccentric is what comes to mind. Every time I dress up I want to stand out, what’s the point if they don’t stare right and subconsciously comfort has always played a big role in my outfits however there have been some exceptions.

When I was thinking of what to wear to the GtBank Food and Drink I wanted something that wouldn’t make me hot and sweaty, will hide my pot belly after all the food I was going to eat, was comfortable and most importantly would show off my body glow! This Caribbean George dress was just perfect and pairing it with another shade/pattern of George as a head wrap was just the cherry on top.

George outfit

George outfit

George outfit

Outfit Details

Dress – Neighborhood tailor

Head wrap – Mums box

Bag – Arts & Craft market, lekki

Body lava – DIY

George outfit

George outfit

George outfit

The George material is a native Igbo attire and has been around for a very long time. It was only recently that the Indian George became the trademark for the Igbo women as it is more stylish and diverse in colors and patterns. I absolutely loved wearing this outfit and showing off my DIY body lava which by the way is popping!

George outfit

George outfit

That’s it for this post guys, please be sure to check out my next post on my DIY Fenty Beauty body lava. Do have an awesome weekend and stay blessed!


What do you think About this look? Where are you from and what’s your native attire? Let’s share in the comments…thanks xoxo

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