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Happy Hump Day guys. So you know the popular saying “yellow was made for black women” well I’d like to think that I have executed this trend in the quirkiest possible way! Looking through Pinterest I got overwhelmed by how well beautiful brown skinned women pulled off an all yellow outfit but I wasn’t brave enough to go all the way.

While looking through my pictures I got cold feet and didn’t want to put this up but after a long thought I went ahead to start editing them. Your style should not be based on what you see is trending on social media rather it should be an extension of who you are. When people see your outfits they should be able to tell a little about the kind of person you are, that’s how I see person style.


Outfit Details

Beret – Local market

Slip dress – Thrifted

Denim jacket – Thrifted

Socks – Polo

Shoe – Thrifted

Denim jacket – Thrifted





So I finally jumped on the beret trend as well as see-through bags and I can say I’m loving it. Up next Rafia!!! Who’s ready?? That’s it for this post guys, I hope I was able to inspire someone to follow their fashion sense no matter how weird/quirky it is. Do have a lovely night and stay blessed!



Can you rock an all yellow/bright colored outfit? Socks and shoes ehn? What’s that trend you can never try? Let’s share in the comments section

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