Product Review: Mmosaic 100% Coconut Oil

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It’s funny how we pay so much attention to our face but neglect the rest of our body. In as much as the face is more sensitive we still need to look after the rest of our body. Sometime last year I was gifted a Mmosaic Oil and I believe I’ve used it enough to give an honest review on it.


First Impression

As soon as I received the product, it’s strong coconut scent was the first thing I observed that put me off but I remember saying to myself “my hair is going to get a Christmas treat!”. I also liked the fact that it came with a pump however I wasn’t pleased with the packaging and the labeling. Because it’s an oil product the printing on the bottle peeled off.

How I use it

Naturally I do not like to use oil products on my skin but during the harmattan period I mixed it with my body cream and I can tell you for sure that my skin glowed throughout. I use(d) this oil majorly for my hair and I love it! I have recorded little or no dandruff since I started using this oil, it leaves my scalp very moisturized. All i do is apply it to my scalp and hair follicles after washing and subsequently 2-3 times a week. I also apply it to my face on rare occasions when my face feels dry and lacks moisture, after my skincare routine I apply very little to face before going to bed.

Skincare Routine


Final Thoughts

The content of this product is definitely true to description; Pure, Hydrating, Mild and Nourishing. This oil goes for #2,000 and for the size you get I’ll say it’s a pretty good buy compared to the adulterated ones you see in the market. My rating for this oil is 7/10 solely because of the scent and the packaging. Mmosaic global Solutions deals in natural skin, beauty care and fitness products and you can reach them via their IG handle Mmosaic Global Solutions or send them a mail at for further inquiries.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope it helped someone. Till my next post, stay blessed!


Life of Uzzy

 Are you part of the “coconut oil solves every problem” gang? Whats your favorite all round oil and how do you use it? Please share in the comments section. Xoxo


One thought on “Product Review: Mmosaic 100% Coconut Oil

  1. I love using coconut oil for my hair and skin. I don’t even mix it with a body cream for my skin,I use it as it is. I also love the smell. I think this product is pricey for 2k. I use coconut oil a lot and the one I’m currently using is from JAM-The Coconut Food Company. I bought their 250ml bottle for 960naira at a local supermarket here in Ibadan. And you can use theirs for cooking too.
    Great review tho.


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