Outfit: New Year’s Eve

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It’s funny how I never expected the end of this year to be this good for me (well at least to some extent). My IG game improved, my posts seemed to more relevant and I won an international giveaway (@ronkeraji)!! However, I’ve been having some Christmas blues but I’m slowly getting out of it.

This years nye falls on a Sunday so you can be sure there’ll be lots of outings and even if you don’t have one to attend you’ll at least go to church (if you’re a Christian). I chose this outfit cos it has a classic, vintage style to it as well as gives off chic vibes.

What I’m wearing

Jacket – Opera (Gift from mum)

Turtleneck Top – SagHarbour

Sequin skirt – Atmosphere

Sandal – D

Purse – Miniso

This is officially my last post for this year!!! Thank you guys for always coming back to read my shenanigans, can’t wait to do this again next and even better!!! Wishing you all an amazing new year!!! Stay blessed!


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