Christmas Blues

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Christmas happens to be one of the most celebrated events across the world and the birth of Jesus is no doubt the greatest event in history. Christmas comes with a lot of glamour, music, lights, food and I mean lots of food! It literally is a time where a lot of people are happy.

However, not everyone is joyous. Happiness is a function of happenings, hence the reason people are usually excited during the celebrations, Joy on the other hand is a deep gladness. I haven’t been experiencing any of the two emotions lately but after listening to yesterday’s sermon I had to make a conscious effort to be happy at least.

It definitely isn’t easy but I’m making a conscious effort not to give in. Two things have kept me going and they are

  1. Trust the Process: Glow through what you go through. God will not make a promise to you and not fulfill it so trust that your time is coming.
  2. Live your best life: No matter your situation make the most of it. Living your best life doesn’t mean traveling to all the luxury spots on IG, it simply means are you making the best out of your current situation.

Many thanks to Tosin for making my first ever collaboration a success and much love to the other bloggers Nonye and Jumoke for agreeing to be on board.

I hope this post helped someone to be joyous this Christmas despite all the wahala going on. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas!!!


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