Outfit: Styling Christmas Colors

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After my birthday comes Christmas and It has always been the best time of the year for me and probably everyone else. This time last year I was so eager for the new year to come because I thought it was going to be better for me, I was wrong. It was tougher! But through it all I got to know me and what I’m capable of. So without further ado I present to you the last but definitely not the least look book of the year…

Red Sequin Skirt+DIY Green Jacket Top

This can be worn to a cocktail or evening party for that glamorous and sexy look.

Denim Skirt+DIY Green Jacket Top

For that casual but chic slay.

Red sequin skirt+Gold off shoulder top

Have a thanksgiving or wedding to attend? Look no further. I decided to pair this look with my mules to tone the shine down a bit.

Gold sequin top+Black Leggings+DIY Green Faux fur sandals

If you don’t do casual and basic then this is for you.

Looking back at all my outfit posts of this year I just realized I’ve never done a shoot with my natural hair partly because I wasn’t really proud of it, not that I am now but I’m beginning to embrace it and look after it. That’s how we should all look at ourselves after we’ve been through a rough patch, accept that you’ve hit a rock and take time to heal, grow and refuel. Wishing you all a very wonderful Christmas holiday. Stay blessed!


Which outfit was your favorite? What’s going to be your staple/go to outfit for the holidays?

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