17 Random Facts about Me

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By the time this post is up I would have taken a job test that got me scared to my ass. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been afraid of tests even when I know I have prepared so well for it. While I was contemplating writing the test I stated to think about all the random facts about me that nobody really knows and I thought to share them with you so here’s a list of 17 random facts about me…

  1. I’m a very shy person and I have a problem with letting people know the real me. 
  2. I love music. Not a day goes by without me singing or listening to music. 
  3. I used to be an introvert when I was younger, give me novels and I’m fine. 
  4. Cartoons make me soooo happy! 
  5. I function better at night, I’m usually cranky in the mornings. 
  6. I really hate to cry, makes me feel weak
  7. I laugh a whole very lot!!!
  8. I used to be a tomboy growing up, my love for makeup and some girly things is still surprising 
  9. I love to eat, it’s like therapy to me. 
  10. My love for Nicki Minaj from 2011-2013 was deep, my nickname then was Nicki Kay
  11. I hate to wear bras!
  12. I went on amber rose skin cut in 2013
  13. I’m allergic to metals except Gold, I’m expensive like that *wink*
  14. If I were to have a pet it’ll definitely be a dog, can’t stand cats
  15. I used to be hot tempered and have lot of mood swings, but I’m working on it and leaving room for positive vibes only. 
  16. I have two ear piercings but I plan on getting 2-3 more by next year and maybe a nose piercing too.
  17. I hate tests, exams and interviews. They make me extremely scared.

It’s less than 15 days before the year is over and to be very honest this year hasn’t been a bed roses at all but in all things give thanks right. I’m so very thankful to you guys for always being here and sticking with me on this journey. Stay blessed!

Photocred: @hisbrownpoet


18 thoughts on “17 Random Facts about Me

  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I wish you all the best with the job test. Oh and if you’re going to pierce the upper part of your ear, get ready! It’s painful and takes a longer time to heal (something no one told me when I pierced mine). I pierced it in June and it is still healing in Dec, that is 6months.

    Have a great day Cheers

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  2. I can totally relate to number 8, still amazes the shit outta me. Especially people who knew me then as a “no makeup” person..

    Same here I feel crying makes me weak.
    Ahhhh.. Mood swing is my specialty.. The way I can switch ehn, one would wonder if I am possessed or something… I really enjoyed reading this🙌🙌


  3. Bras are torture devices tbh. Once my bra is off for the day, that means I am done, not gonna wear it back unless someone is dying and I need to go out. All my friends know lol


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