My 5: Nigerian Bloggers That Inspire Me

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Before I started blogging I don’t think I fully understood what and who a blogger was. I had never really read a blog post well except for Linda Ikeji’s blog, so I didn’t really get the concept. Then one day a friend sends me picture of a popular blogger telling me that most of her stuff are Thrifted and all. I went to her site and the next thing I knew was I had started a blog. For the first few months I didn’t post anything cos I was still a bit clueless and scared. 

My blog is over a year now and I don’t regret starting it at all. I have a clearer vision now and I would like to attribute it to some pretty amazing women I’ve had the opportunity of meeting/communicating with. So in no particular order here are My 5: Bloggers that inspire me. 

Ifeoma Amadi – Draped in Basics

From her style of writing to her layout to her content, you can tell Ifeoma puts in work, always trying to be better everyday. She inspires me to strive for excellence in my craft. 

Wumi Tuase – TANG

As a newbie I struggled with comparing myself with other bloggers and that stunted my growth as well prevented me from actually doing what I set out to do with my blog. Following her journey, reading her inspiring posts made me overcome that phase. 

Deola Adebiyi – Omogemura

If there’s anyone who has taught me consistency it is Deola. Her dedication to her blog/YouTube channel is simply inspiring.

Demi Akins – High Street Mania

When it comes to DIY Demi is the queen mother!! Her DIYs are very practical as well as amazing too, she goes outside the box for her creations. She inspires me to push myself to be more creative. 

Pearl Ejiro – The Pearly Life

Pearl is a blogger I came across during the year and her blog journey has been very encouraging. Her content is very relevant as well as detailed, always willing to help in anyway she can. 

So that’s my 5 Nigerian bloggers that inspired me this year. This is not to say that other bloggers haven’t inspired me but I believe you guys can learn a thing or two from them. Happy new month guys, I pray that joy of the season finds you and your loved ones. Do have an awesome week and stay blessed!


Which bloggers have inspired you and how did they inspire you? Share in the comments section. 


31 thoughts on “My 5: Nigerian Bloggers That Inspire Me

  1. Demi is the very first nigerian blogger i followed when I started out blogging, so much so that I even made my theme like hers and almost made myself her “photocopy”. She’s really amazing and I love her content!


  2. Well you got almost all of the bloggers I follow in this list except for Pearl who I’ll be checking out. Ifeoma is one lady that definitely inspires, I’ve Always said there are bloggers and there are BLOGGERS, she’s a natural. A few others that inspire me Grace Alex, Kachee Tee, Desmond Vincent, Style Ernest, Akin Faminu, Naty Michel’s, girl the list is endless. Let me stop here jor.

    Princess Audu 

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  3. Shade,
    Uhmm, Cassie Davies
    Chigi, Chigisworld
    I think those 3 really motivated my blog
    Especially Sade, i feel like she gets the whole Nigerian-U.K. Shebang. And her free identity Makes me love her more


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