How I Edit my Instagram Pictures

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I remember when Instagram first came out I was sooo clueless as to what it was. My youngest brother was the one who put me through, even after that I still didn’t think it was a big deal. Fast forward to 2017, Instagram is one of the biggest marketing tools in the social media platform. This has in return spiked a growth in the photography world. The struggle to

In today’s post I’ll be sharing the 2 major apps I use to edit the pictures I post up on IG and this applies to pictures I take with my phone and those I get of the web and other IG pages.

Before and After Editing
First of all taking a good shot, having a good background, lightning and all that is key but the good news is even the worst pictures can still look good after a bit of tweaking. The apps I use are Facetune 2 and VSCOcam, for selfies I use Perfect365 just to enhance my facial features. 


When editing outfit posts I usually just whiten the entire background using Facetune 2 (it’s free on iOS). I usualAfter which I import the picture on VSCOcam and use the filter A5 (+6.0).


Before and After Facetune 2
VSCOcam Edit
I always reduce the temperature and exposure, this is what makes my pictures look really cool toned, also reducing the skin tone makes me look less yellow. And that’s all I do, this also applies to my scenery/environment and product posts.


After using the whiten tool as per usual I use an app called Perfect365 (Also available for free on Android). I use this app to smoothen my face, enlarge and whiten my eyes and also slim my face. Then I continue with the VSCOcam and use the same edit, I just copy and paste. Depending on how bright or dim the picture is I’ll only adjust the exposure.

Adjusting exposure on VSCOcam

If you look through my feed you’d notice that all my pictures have this pinkish purple hue to it, this is due to the tint on the VSCOcam. I turn it up to the highest (+6.0) for full effect. You can get this filter on any app even on the Instagram app. 

In this image or images like this I usually whiten the whole picture and apply the same VSCOcam edits. 

Here I just whiten only the white objects and apply the same edits. 

I hope this post is really helpful, if you have any other questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below and don’t forget the follow me and Instagram too. Have an awesome week ahead and stay blessed!


What apps do you use in editing your pictures? Do you think having a themed feed is necessary? Let me know in the commec comments below. 

37 thoughts on “How I Edit my Instagram Pictures

  1. This was a really great post! I stopped using Instagram filters when I came across VSCO. I love it’s clean finishes. Will download facetune now and experiment abit. Always nice finding out what else is out there 😊


  2. Oh girl!!!!!! I wish I can be like you..
    I downloaded the vsco app one time.. Couldn’t even use it, I just deleted it.
    Facetune.. For the longest time I have been wanted to purchase that app😒😒😒. I thought against it and went for video apps.
    For photos apps ehn.. I am an app prostitute.. And yet my pictures don’t come out great. 😂😂😂. Currently using snapseed only… I cannor comman gaan die biko….

    I’m coming for lessons oo

    God bless you for sharing.. Keep slaying girl❤❤


  3. Your feed looks so good. I just started using Facetune and VSCO and I have a long way to go till my feed looks the way I want. So far I have only used the “whiten” tool for white backgrounds and objects. Thanks for sharing other ways to use it.


  4. I love how cool your feed looks. It’s so hard for me to choose a theme.
    I used to have vsco but it wasn’t working proper on my android phone.
    Right now I use airbrush and snapseed, I use picsart sometimes.
    Thanks for sharing.


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