My 5: Tips to Slay Street Style Fashion for Lagos Fashion & Design Week

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Street Style Tios for Lagos Fashin and Design Week

“The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been and always will be – Bill Cunningham. 

Lagos Fashion and Design Week has finally begun. I remember hearing about it for the first time last year and the funny things is I actually didn’t hear so much about the main show. The only time I caught a glimpse of the actual runway show was on Ifeoma’s s blog.

Street style fashion is basically what everyone looks forward to cos that’s where you’re seen and heard, so you need to bring your A game. In this post I’ve highlighted some points that would help you get noticed by the paparazzi.

Statement Shoes

Trust me when I say you can never go wrong with statement shoes. They can be heels, sandals, wedges, trainers/sneakers or even flats, as long as their unconventional you’re on the right track baby.

Accessorizing Shoes

This is basically adding something extra to complement your shoe game. It could be a pair of stripy socks, a sheer/fishnet ankle socks, a pantyhose or even a plain pair of socks that matches your shoe to give an illusion effect. We’re all about the statement remember.

Street Style Tips for Lagos Fashion and Design Week

Nature of Fabric/Pattern of Fabric

It’s no news that the statement sleeves and pajama outfits we all are crazy about this year was birthed from the Street style fashion of last years edition of worldwide fashion week. The choice of Fabric and pattern will determine what will be a trend in the coming year, so style wisely.


Because you want to be seen and given a second look you can not be basic! Colors that no one thought about should be your goal, this doesn’t mean you should dress as a clown (well except it’s a gangster clown). Be bold with your color choices and if I’m not mistaken bold colors (Orange, Yellow, mustard) seems to be making a big hit in the melanin community.

MOTD: Gangster Clown Halloween Look


No matter how peng your outfit is, if you don’t own it then it might as well be basic. If you end up wearing a pair of jeans and tee then you’ve got to strut like you’re wearing damn Guccis!

Street Style Tips for Lagos Fashion and Design Week
Street Style Tips for Lagos Fashion and Design Week
Street Style Tips for Lagos Fashion and Design Week

If you follow me on IG you’d know I’ve been loving the cut out boot shoes and I don’t see any reason why they can’t be slayed here. I paired mine with a pair of fishnets to give it that extra oomph. I’ve always loved curduroys and the fact that they aren’t as common as they used to be makes me love em more. Who woulda thunk that purple, white and brown would go well together like peanut butter, jam and bread (a snack right!)

I completed this Look with a cute black bag and a pair of matching shades.

Outfit Details

Top – Sagharbor

Curduroy skirt – M&S (Thrifted transformations)

Jacket – Gerard (Thrifted)

Booties – New Look ( Thrifted )

Bag – Isabelle

Shades – Gift from my uncle

Photo Cred – Hazy

That’s it for this post, be sure to check back tomorrow for the second part of this post. I do hope you like this outfit and you’re inspired to go out of your comfort zone. Happy slaying Mamis!


What trend are you in love with? Would you consider wearing booties in Nigeria? Let me know in the comments below


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