Product Review: Tresses and Body Organics Black Soap

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Being blessed with a good skin is pretty cool but being able to transform that good skin to something much more is gold. Flashback to a year ago when I used Dudu osun soap for a while, I remember complaining to my cousin that it dries my face out and I didn’t like it one bit and she said it’ll get better with time. After a while I stopped using it because I’ve always been of the opinion that after cleansing your face it should feel moisturized and not chappy. Black soap is now the “in thing” and I was glad I was able to cop one from Tresses and body Organics.  

Tresses and Body Organics Black Soap

First Impression 

First of all I wasn’t impressed with the packaging. The label is poorly done and isn’t attractive at all. It comes in a small cup (I’ve seen bigger sizes for the same price) and has a more creamy consistency as opposed to the solid ones commonly seen around. The first time I smelt it I wasn’t too sure if I liked it, it has a very strong lemony scent, but after a while I got used to it. The product says it’s supposed to get rid of spots, skin infections like eczema, rashes etc

Tresses and Body Organics Black Soap

How I Use It

On the label it says for body and bath but I’ve only used it in my body once, it didn’t lather well on my sponge so I stuck to using it in my face. However, I tried it again recently and it did lather well, I guess I didn’t wet my body enough. After wetting my face I take a really small quantity and massage it into my face (little goes a long way) using my hands and after about 2-3 minutes I wash it off after which I apply my CookieSkin Miracle Intense Fading Cream on my dry face. I use this every morning and night. 

Final Thoughts 

This product is amazing! My face hasn’t felt this moisturized in a long while and the glow is beautiful. I’m going to rate this product 8/10, points off for the poor packaging. In my first Impression I thought the product was small but I take that back, it’s just enough. For the first time I actually believe the content of a product. It’s said to contain lemon juice, eucalyptus powder, aloevera etc and to be very honest I know they are in this product cos I felt the use of these products ingredients. The lemon is for brightening your skin, aloevera for moisture, eucalyptus powder for health skin. 

Healthy skin

That’s it guys, my honest review on the Tresses and Body Organics. They also have other organic products like tea, facial toner, detox kit etc and they also sell the natural herbs and spices, they are basically a “one-stop” organic store. You can reach them on 

IG: @tresbodorganics

I hope you guys find this post helpful and your inspired to make the extra effort in getting that flawless skin/face. Till my next post, stay blessed!


Have you used black soap before? What’s your skincare routine like? Let’s know so we can help each other. 


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