Makeup Hack: Powder before Foundation

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Hi blogosphere, you’re welcome back to my blog and if it’s your first time here you’re most definitely welcome. Today’s post is going to be about the reigning makeup hack  which is the powder before foundation. 

I decided to test out this hack on a day where I know I’ll be out and about just to see how well the overall makeup will hold. I also didn’t bake my face cos I was going for a simple look. So if you want to know if this routine passed the test then keep on reading. 

After Color correcting (L.A. Girl orange concealer)
Black opal loose powder (Medium)

Incase you were wondering “why color correct?” I hope you can notice how even my skin looks. Any powder you have can be used loose or pressed, brown or white(that includes baby powder) simply dab it all over you face. It is also essential that you use a face primer to allow for easy application of the Foundation. 

Powder before Foundation
Powder before Foundation
Powder before Foundation

As you can see in the finished look my face looks really matte. This look was done at 01:30pm and I wore it to the #LuxMajuShoppingParty. While at the event i walked around, ate a lot, took pictures, gisted, socialized and also did my Aunty duties. I got home at about 9 pm and this is what my face looked like…

At 9pm
At 9pm

It works guys!!! *clapping hands* My highlight is still popping, face is still matte except for my tzone where there’s a little shine (which I’m not really bothered about), lipstick is still in place, brows still on deck (thanks to my DIY Brow gel). Overall result is impressive, it’s a GO. I just realized none of these pictures showed how bad ass my highlight was so here’s two for the road 

With @iamdodos_style
Popping Highlight

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Until my next post stay blessed!


Have you tried this hack, did it work? Would you like to see me try out other hacks. Let me know in the comments section. 

7 thoughts on “Makeup Hack: Powder before Foundation

  1. I keep hearing about this routine, I tried it a few times and it wasn’t too bad (when I did it properly). Eh hen, I couldn’t help but notice you mentioned DIY eyebrow gel. I don’t believe I’ve seen any post like that on your blog. If you have, where is the link oooo? If you haven’t, spill the deets soon!


  2. Uzzy mami. Haven’t actually tried the powder before foundation hack, keep saying I will but never get around to it.

    P.S where’s that DIY brow gel post?


  3. That powder before foundation hack is on point!! Since I found out about It, I do it whenever I’m wearing foundation. Your highlighter is gorgeous😍. I saved your post on the DIY highlighter but laziness hasn’t allowed me to be great😩.


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