Outfit: 1 Scarf 5 Styles + 1 Year of Blogging 

Disclaimer – This post is in no way sponsored, all styles, images and opinions are mine.

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Whoop whoop!!! My blog is officially a year old!I remember starting this blog on a whim, not knowing what I wanted it to look like or even knowing my niche. I didn’t have a laptop or even a good phone but I still started it without even researching the basics. Infact I’m still in the researching phase so please bear with me.

Today’s post is all about how I styled my Porshher scarf I got from the bloggers brunch. Initially I didn’t like the color or even the scarf cos I felt it was “useless” and I could only use it as a belt or a head accessory. This just goes to say that there’s more “use” in “useless” than we think. The scarf is a sheer one and it is also stretchy, thats what i really like about it. However it is also short so my styles were limited.I’m really excited for this post cos I pushed my boundaries, I’m very conscious of my tummy so  when I thought of these styles I paired them with my Denim jacket but  I decided to leave out the jacket and start my 2nd year with a bang (go big or go home right) so without wasting more time, cos this post is a long one, here is how I styled my Porshher scarf

The Halter neck Crop top

The halter neck
The halter neck

The Tube Crop top

The tube crop top scarf top
The tube scarf top
The tube scarf top

The Heart shaped Tube Croptop

The Heart shaped tube scarf top
The heart shaped scarf top

The Maxi Tube Top

The maxi tube scarf top
The maxi tube scarf top

The Sleeveless Top

Sleeveless scarf top
Maxi Sleeveless scarf top (Back)

Outfit Details

Top/Scarf – Porshher

Mom jeans – Thrifted 

Shoes – Converse 

Glasses – Haute signatures

Photo Cred – @Hazyobed

That’s it for this look book, I really had fun creating it and I especially loved the theme of the shoot (if you can’t tell it’s a ghetto theme). By the way did y’all notice my goddess locs!! (Gorge I know). I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has been with me on this blogging journey, I’m really grateful. Till my next post stay blessed!


What do you think about the scarf as top trend? Which style was your favorite? Let me know in the comments section. 

36 thoughts on “Outfit: 1 Scarf 5 Styles + 1 Year of Blogging 

  1. I loooooove thrifty outfits! Making fabric that shouldn’t work, work is so rewarding and girl you are slaying this scarf! Also little side note, your figure is perf ❤️

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  2. Honestly your article just sparked my next outfit, you are content is totally awesome, so excited about your blog journey and now I am off to read up all your other articles!!!

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  3. Congratulations on your one year anniversary🎊. I love the styles and all the photos 💕 My scarf isn’t this big but you have helped me realize other ways I can style it and my old scarves too.


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