MOTD: Brown Eyes and Faux Freckles

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Have you ever felt like you’re taking one step forward and three steps back? Lately I’ve been trying soo hard to remain positive and tbh it hasn’t been easy cos everything around me is so overwhelming and it feels like I’m drowning especially when you think it’s going well for the next person. You know what I do in times like this, I take a steaming hot bath, followed by a chilled drink while listening to good music and surf the web for inspo so if you’re in my shoes try these few tips and let me know if they help you.

Today’s look was inspired by @thebrowniebird latest look, it’s not exactly the same cos you know I like to add a lil something to make it mine hence the faux freckles. And guess what, this whole look was achieved using just one pallete!


Eyes and Brows

  • BH Cosmetics 26 eyeshadow and blush palette
  • Zaron black gel liner
  • Kiss Beauty White pencil
  • H & E brow pomade (Ebony)
  • L.A Girl concealer (warm honey)
  • Red cherry lashes


  • Milani 2-in-1 Foundation
  • L.A Girl concealer (warm honey)
  • Black opal loose powder (medium)
  • Maybelline powder
  • H & E brow pomade (ebony) for the freckles
  • BH Cosmetics (gold & brown shade) to highlight and contour
  • Kiss beauty green tea setting spray


  • Classic lipstain (Millbrook)
  • Avour Lipstain (nude no 3)

So that’s it for this look, hope you enjoyed it. And if you do please subscribe to my blog and help me reach 300 followers before the end of the year. Have a lovely week ahead and stay blessed!


What do you think about faux freckles? How do you get your positivity up when you’re feeling blue? Please share in the comments section!

15 thoughts on “MOTD: Brown Eyes and Faux Freckles

  1. Lovely makeup look.
    Hi uzzy I need your help, I can’t seem to find the publish button after I’ve finished typing my post. I’ve tried all I can but none is working, I don’t know what to do anymore.


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