Outfit: Kylie Jenner Inspired Outfit

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It’s funny how I used to think I was a horrible writer! I remember growing up and always failing composition in school, it just goes to show that some skills aren’t reflective in report cards. By the way I just realized this is my first post this month, happy new month guys. 

Today’s look was inspired by an outfit Kylie Jenner had on a while ago (lowkey I’m a big fan of the Kar-Jenner clan) and the first time I saw it I was totally smitten. But y’all know I had to make it mine like the Black Diamond that I am cos we all know black don’t crack and neither does diamonds too. 

Outfit Details
Top – DIY

Pleated Cullotes – Thrifted

Shoes – Wild Diva 

Bag – DIY

Glasses – Polo

I had the most amazing weekend all thanks to cake flair and I can’t wait to share all the good stuff shes got too. I hope you enjoyed this post and special thanks to visualsbykella for making me look like a star. Let me know if you’d like to see more DIY celebrity inspired outfits, till next time stay blessed!


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