My 5: Nigerian Brands I’d Love to Work With

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Hey you! Welcome back to my blog and if it’s your first time you’re most definitely welcome. As you all know my blog is about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and all that good stuff and I’ve been dying to collaborate with some Nigerian brands. But you know the way our system is now, if you don’t have thousands of followers on IG and all that popularity chances of you bagging that collaboration are low. Before I start ranting here are my top 5 Nigerian brands. (In no particular order)


I was introduced to this brand by a friend and I fell in love immediately I visited their site. They are a clothing brand with amazing pieces! Their choice of colors and shapes are beautiful and guess what, they have something for everyone! Whether you’re a bag person, a shoe person, casual dresser or extra af dresser, they’ve got you covered


This is a Makeup brand. The first thing that struck me about this brand was their eyeshadow pallete. The colors are so beautiful and very pigmented. They also have a range of other products such as beauty blenders, Lip glosses, brushes etc.


So if you’ve been following my MOTD posts youd know that when it comes to slaying my brows I only trust H & E. Their brow pomade is simply amazing, see ehn ABH ain’t got nothing on them yo! Another thing that I really love about this brand is their diversity. From brow to face to eyes to lips and even tools and accessories like Makeup chairs, organizers, mirrors and even apparels. They’ve really done so well


This is also a fashion brand and as their name implies all their pieces are 5k and below! Now how cool is that! Another amazing feature of this brand is how well they Incorporate prints, stripes, florals in their pieces


When it comes to frames this is your sure bet. From clear frames to sunnies. Their packaging as well is pretty good. They also have a range of beautiful bags and backpacks. 

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