MOTD: Black Smokey Eyes and Soft Pink Lips

Currently listening to DJ Khaled, Beyonce and Jay z – Shinning 

Black smokey eyes and pink lips

OK! No jokes I’m literally shinning guys!! Damn! I can’t believe I made that Highlighter, I think I’m gonna call it UzzyMami GlowUp. I’ve been kinda worried lately about the growth of my blog and I did a lot of thinking yesterday. That was went it hit me that I was actually jealous of some people’s progress! As humans there’s every tendency for us to get envious when we see our mates progressing and we’re still at the same spot. 

While I was thinking I began to speak to myself and affirm my efforts and works. I was at my niece’s school couple of days ago and a lady kept complaining that her children still use diapers while their mates have stopped and that’s when I realized I was comparing myself with others. When you accept that you’re your own competition only then will you begin to advance. I’m learning to be my own competition, comparing my present with my past and not someon else. When you approach your goals this way you begin to see progress, self growth and maturity. 

Back to today’s look, I’m rocking a black smokey eye with bold lashes and soft pink lips. 

Eyes & Brows

  • H & E brow pomade
  • Zaron black pencil
  • UD Naked 2 eyeshadow pallete (blackout)
  • The balm cosmetics Matte Lezzetli pallete (Matt lombarde, Rosen)
  • Sleek eyeshadow chaos 577 (light pink)
  • Sleek eyeshadow i-divine vintage romance 141 (gold)
  • Random lashes
  • Maybelline colossal volum express mascara


  • Zaron pencil (vivid)
  • Moisture renew lipstick (720-Notting hill nude)
  • Wet N Wild lipstick (Mauve outta here)


  • Milani 2-in-1 foundation (13 chestnut)
  • L.A Girl pro conceal (warm honey)
  • Black opal loose powder
  • DIY Highlighter
  • The balm cosmetics meet Matt Lezzetli (Matt Rosen – contour)
  • Kiss beauty green tea setting spray. 

    Focus on being better, inspire yourself daily and congratulate/reward yourself when you reach a milestone. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be motivated by the success of others. Stay blessed!


    22 thoughts on “MOTD: Black Smokey Eyes and Soft Pink Lips

    1. Your words are really inspiring. It’s only human for us to compare ourselves with others, worried if we are doing well and if our efforts are being acknowledged. I remind myself everyday that attaining success is process of growth, it doesn’t just happen overnight, we just have to keep working hard.
      Love your look, uzzy you are literally shinning!


    2. That glow…….. Be blinding people……
      That lashes be giving me life…..
      Wow finally I found someone who has the moisture renew lippie, I have one moisture renew lipstick like that I think its in Burgundy shine.. Since 2012, I think it has expired already…
      Lovely lovely. ..


    3. Beautiful look, those lashes are gorgeous.
      That glow is what I call a blinding glow.
      Love what you said about learning to be your own competition, because we are not on a race with anyone.
      We just have to be ourselves and do our own thing.


    4. The first paragraph just described the way I have been feeling lately … till i snapped out of it and told myself everyone is on his own lane. It’s good to know am not alone πŸ™‚ And i am inspired to do a makeup look. I am a smokey eye junkie *whispers


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