My Holiday Routine

Currently watching Lego Justice League 

Happy new week guys, I’m sure y’all be thinking I’m in one exotic location or the likes cos of my title. Sorry to burst your bubble but I’m still in this Lagos ooo. So I took the week off from work cos I needed the rest, someday I’ll actually travel somewhere. Today’s post is going to be basically what I do when I’m on leave and don’t really have anywhere I’m going to, so let’s get into it. 

The first thing I do is pray then check my social media – IG, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp. Then I go over to WordPress and see if I have any notification and new posts to read. Then I take a look at my planner 

Next I tidy up my room cos it’s in a mess after which I brush my teeth and clean my face. 

Next is breakfast. This is usually the best time of my day cos I get to eat anything I want! Today I’m having pancakes and banana with a glass of ribena. 

So while I have breakfast I watch a movie and it’s usually a cartoon or sci-fi. The time is about 1-2 and my movie is over. In case you’re wondering, I still have light at home. 

Next on the list is work on a blog post. Today I’m putting two outfits together and drafting the content of the posts. After creating the look I take the pictures of everything and anything.

If there’s still time I.E if it isn’t evening yet I do a makeup look. After that it’s dinner time. Yesterday I made egusi soup and stew.

And that’s basically how I spend my leave days. However, I wouldn’t mind switching it up, problem is there’s no one to hang out with. Thanks for reading and I do hope you have an amazing week ahead. 


What’s your holiday Routine? Would you like to change it? Let’s share our thoughts in the comments section


12 thoughts on “My Holiday Routine

  1. I always look forward to when I have a whole day or week tomorrow. I love giving myself a treat. Go to see a movie alone, then ice cream store. Come home cook my favorite food alongside my best drink then watch TV or watch another movie on my laptop. That’s my me time


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