Lookbook: Styling a Floral Dress

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Happy new month!! Mehn I can’t believe we’re already in the second half of the year, how time flies. It just goes to show that time really doesn’t wait for no one. I remember when I wanted to do my first lookbook I kept looking around for inspiration, for bloggers who had done lookbook without a video. They were very few and it discouraged me. However, I still went ahead and now I’m on my third lookbook! And that brings me to today’s post. 

This piece was given to me by my mum and I had no idea how I was gonna wear it cos it was too basic. So I’ll be showing you 4 ways you can switch up your Floral dresses

Denim Jacket

I decided to pair this look with mules to give the casual classy look. 

Denim Skirt

This is one of my favorite looks cos it has this Boss chick vibe. It can also be paired with a skater skirt and it doesn’t have to be Denim. 

Fringe Belt

Looking for something to wear to an outdoor day party? Then you should consider this outfit.

Floral on Floral

Now this is my favorite. Who woulda thunk matching floral on Floral would look this good! And the fishnets just made it more perfect!


That’s it for this post, I hope you’re inspired to try out one or two styles. Have an amazing week and stay blessed!


How do you wear your Floral dresses? Please let me know in the comments section below. 

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