The 5: Essentials for the Rainy Season

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Hey y’all and if you’re new to my blog youre most definitely welcome. 

So its been raining like every other day and its kinda annoying cos one minute its sunny, then you blink and its raining cats and dog! This one time the rain caught me unawares and I was totaly drenched and tbvh I was mad at the world. You see the thing is it could have been avoided if I had the “Must Haves” for the season and so this post is going to be about the 5 things you need to slay the rainy season.

Portable Umbrella


Like no one has to tell you this! Its like going camping without a torch light or even going out to a pool or beach without your towel. These babies go for about #1500 – 2000. I recomend the foldable ones which are really sturdy.

Rubber Sandals

You really have no excuse if you don’t own a pair already, like seriously! I didn’t recommend a pair of rubber slippers cos they tend to raise particles onto your leg and dress making you look dirty. Plus the Sandals give a sophisticated look and they are readily available at the local markets for #500-1000. Talk about budget friendly!

Small Towel

So you’ve finally made it to your destination in one sane piece but your feet don’t look sane. You can’t just wait for them to dry, what if your future bae is walking in your direction. This is why you need a small Towel, to wipe your feet or other body parts. 

Hand/Body Cream

Rain or no rain this is a must have in every purse! Our hands are constantly in contact with water, without keeping them moisturuzed they’re just going to end up looking really pale, ugly and hard. And the feet aren’t left out too, you can’t be looking like fine wine from head to knee and be looking like stale water at the feet.

Waterproof Tote

Before I didn’t see the need for this but after today I know better. This waterproof Tote really comes in handy when you’re using a portable umbrella. Most handbags are either made from leather or cloth both of which are not waterproof. Totes are reasonably wide and can accommodate an average size bag, thereby shielding the bag and it’s content from being soaked. 

This post wasn’t planned but I just wanted to share the basic things we should all have during this season, so it can be a relaxing one. Do have a lovely night and stay blessed!


 What are your rainy day essentials? What are your thoughts on the waterproof Tote? Let’s discuss in the comments section below

2 thoughts on “The 5: Essentials for the Rainy Season

  1. Keeping towels on hand is such a good tip, I’ve never thought of keeping some in my car for a rainy day. Great idea 🙂
    Uhreej ⚡️|

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