The 3:Things blogging has changed about me

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Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful my hair is! Thank you, you’re far too kind. This past weekend was an eventful one, from having a marathon wotk meeting to attending the LMUF (post on the event will be up shortly). I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and it has really been an exciting journey so today I’ll be sharing the 3 things blogging has changed about me.

Outfit Details

Tank top – My mum

Off shoulder top – Thrifted

Skirt – Lagos market

Shoes – Atmosphere

Purse – Sister-in-law

You can already tell this is my favorite top as I have styled them here and here. I especially love the sleeves the most cos they come with some attitude and it’s in vogue, so that’s killing a two birds with one stone yes?

Fear of Failure

For as long as I can remember failure has always being my biggest fear. Even though I’m very sure I won’t fail, I wouldn’t venture into whatever it is because I just kept telling myself what if… And trust me thoughts like that will never take you anywhere, stagnation becomes a stench on you. Ever since I started blogging I realized I don’t have such thoughts anymore. 

Self Praise

Praise yourself!!! I can not stress this enough. I have learnt to be my biggest fan, if I don’t like my posts who will! When you Praise yourself, there’s an inner drive to surpass your own expectations and do more and be a better person.

Consistency and Dedication

I used to have a reputation for not being dedicated to a particular task I start and my inconsistency with projects. When I started blogging one of my fears was “what if I get bored and abandon it like all other projects I started?” I had to make the conscious decision to stick to it and change my inconsistent attitude, although a couple of times I felt like giving up and moving on to other things.

When you have the right attitude towards your goal and achieving them nothing can stop you. When you’re down, pick yourself up. When you’re blue, be your own yellow sun. When life serves you lemons, add some oranges, berries, sugar, spice that shii and drink it up! That’s all folks, have a wonderful week and stay blessed!

Photocred: @hazyobed


What has blogging helped you with? What have you changed about yourself in the positive direction? Let’s discuss in the comments below. 

20 thoughts on “The 3:Things blogging has changed about me

  1. I love Little Mix! I enjoyed this – you have to be able to praise yourself and be proud of the things that you do before anybody else can! I’m a new blogger so I’m still navigating the “what ifs” that creep up every now and then, so I look forward to the days where those don’t pop up!


  2. Holy crap, ok I am so impressed (and mildly jealous) of your writing style! You have such a talent for it. Also, thanks for the positivity. I recently started blogging myself and I have to agree, that fear of failure has mostly disappeared and made me feel so much more confident in myself. It’s a good feeling to put work into something you’re proud of and then hit publish for the world to see. Great post girl! Following you for your amazing writing style 🙂


  3. Your hair is fabulous! These are really great points – I think the self-praise is soooo important. We women often spend too long focusing on our shortcomings instead of on our strengths. We need to take more time to appreciate ourselves!


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