Product Review: Sleek Eyeshadow Pallete

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Hey beautiful people and if you’re new to my blog you’re most definitely welcome and thank you for stopping by. This has been one hell of a week; from my first pair of mules, to the arrival of my nephew, to the constant rain that kept drenching me! 

I’m currently sad at the moment cos I’m missing out on the first day of the LMUF because of work, but on the brighter side it’s a two day event so I’ll be there tomorrow! YaaayTalking about Makeup, today’s post is going to be a review on the sleek i-divine eyeshadow pallete. 

First Impressions 

It comes in a black case and it has the sleek logo lightly engraved on the front, nothing too fancy. It also has a mirror on the inside which I particularly like because its wide and very clear. The shades are all shimmers and the color range are in accordance with the palette description. Unlike the balm cosmetics pallete the shades don’t have individual names. 


How I use it 

Because the eyeshadows are shimmers I only use them when I’m going for a vibrant colorful look. I also use some of the shades as highlighters. See here and here for Makeup looks. 

Vintage Romance

Final Impression

Shadows are really pigmented and fallout is minimal. The shades are also true to color; what you see is what you get! Also chances of you purchasing a fake is quite low an product is usually readily available. Its retail price is between #3,500-4,000. In all, I’ll rate this product 8/10. 

I hope this post was helpful. Do have a lovely weekend and stay blessed. 


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