Lookbook: Oversized Denim Shirt

Currently listening to Davido – If

Yooo!!! I legit can’t get over this glow!!! Damn girl…lol.

I’m really impressed and proud of myself right now. I’ve become a more positive person and very optimistic and this I have to give to some people I’ve come across lately. I’ve come to realize and accept that nothing truly is impossible, if you want it go for it!

Today’s post is all about how I style my oversized denim shirt. I’ve had this shirt for a while now, I saw the potentials in it but I hadn’t tapped into it. So let’s get right into it

The Shkirt

I decided to pair this with a plain white tee and a pair of loafers for that laid back, casual look.

The TubeΒ 

Was going for a retro look hence the mules and the silver purse. Can also be paired with shorts.

The Cowl Back

This is my second favorite style. It’s so unconventional and easy to create. Can be worn with skirts and pallazo pants. The sleeves are also not your typical sleeveless denim.

The Mono Off-shoulder

Now this is my favorite cos it looks like something Carrie Bradshaw would wear.

Thats all for today’s lookbook and I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any lookbook suggestions please drop them in the comments section. Do have an awesome week and stay blessed.


Which is your favorite style? How do you wear your denim shirt? Would you try any of them? Do let me know so we can inspire each other.Β 

16 thoughts on “Lookbook: Oversized Denim Shirt

  1. wow I absolutely love the way you styled this denim shirt! I love it as a skirt, really never thought of that! Great job girl


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