My Top 5 Lippies

Hey guys!

Lately I’ve been so inconsistent and I promise it’s not my fault. My phone decided that it had had enough of life’s struggles and has departed from me and I don’t own a laptop either. But nevertheless, I’m determined to still be great.

Today’s post is going to be about my 5 favorite lippies. I’m actually excited for this post because it’s the first if it’s kind and I hope to do more in the future. So in no particular order….

Avour U.S.A Matte Lip Gloss (No 3)

I love this shade simply because I think it’s my perfect nude and it’s Matte too. It’s my go-to Lip color for work and days when I feel like keeping it on the down low. However this lippie is very Matte and somewhat dehydrates the lips so it’s advised that you use a lip moisturizer before applying it. I also use a NYX brown Lip pencil to line my lips so I don’t look crazy

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Classic Lipstick and Lip Stain Review Here

Classic Makeup U.S.A Lipstick (Lady Gaga)

There used to be a time when you would never catch me wearing Red not to talk of a Red lipstick, I’m sure I was the only one that wasn’t obsessed with Mac’s Ruby Woo lipstick cos I honestly felt it looked horrible on me. Now I know better. It’s all about finding your right shade – tomato red, orange red, blood red etc. The Classic Lady Gaga is my perfect shade of red till I find another that tops it.

2017-06-03 12.36.03 2.jpg

Classic Makeup U.S.A Lipstick (Bad Girl)

It’s no news that black is my favorite color and this lipstick is just the perfect formula for me; not glossy and not to Matte. It kinda has that satin feel to it

2017-06-03 02.12.37 1.jpg

Classic Makeup U.S.A Matte Lip gloss (Millbrook)

This is a soft brown shade and goes with pretty much any makeup look. it can also be used as a liner because of the applicator, just make sure you blend it out before it dries. Another thing I like about this particular shade is the fact that it doesn’t completely dry out my lips as the other shades do.

2017-06-03 12.36.02 2.jpg

Mac Lipstick (Cyber)

I’m sure you must have figured out I’m a dark lips kinda girl. So this Mac lipstick is a dark purple shade with a satin finish. The day I got it I felt like a million bucks, in other words “I had arrived“!!! LOL. Fast forward to now I’m still in love with it, it has a way of taking your entire look from Basic to Baddie just like that!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Well that’s all folks!!! I hope to do more “Top 5s” going forward. I hope you enjoyed this post and have a great day ahead. Stay Blessed



Do you have a favorite lipstick, lip gloss or lip stain? What’s the lip color you won’t be caught dead wearing? What’s your go-to lip color? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section.


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