HOTD: How to Crochet Senegalese Twists

Hey lovelies! So today’s post is going to be about my current protective style. The hair I used is the Bella crochet twist 18″ and I used the color T2/39. The hair comes in two bundles of 15 braids i.e 30 in a pack and I used 2 packs. 

* Cornrow your hair to your desired style. I have 9 braids in front and 7 at the back. I have 2 anchor braids, one for a centre part and the other for a side part. 

* Insert your opened latch hook under your braid, put the loop of the hair in the latch hook and close. Pull the hair through your braid. Insert the tip of the hair through the loop of the hair to create a knot.  Once is enough. Do this on all your cornrows. I used two-finger spacing between the twists to avoid overcrowding. 


That’s basically all for this hairstyle however I decided to open up the twists, kinda like imitating the Durban twists but the tamed version. 

The hair retails for one thousand three hundred naira and can be gotten at the salon, beauty store and local market. I hope this post was helpful and if you have any requests or suggestions please leave them in the comments section below. Have a blessed day ahead. 


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