MOTD: Eyebrow Pictorial 

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Hello beautiful people, guess what??? I’ve finally picked the appropriate title for my makeup posts MOTD-Makeup Of The Day and I love it! As soon as I figured out what I wanted the main title to be ideas started floating in my head but we’re gonna take it one step at a time. 

So today I’m sharing with you guys my eyebrow tutorial as well as some tips to get those fleeking brows. But before we begin please note that I just took down my weave and I’m suffering from shrinkage, so please don’t come at me. Thank you!

What you’ll need

* Using a Spoolie brush your eyebrows into place

*Outline your your brows using a pencil. This will enable you get that defined line and is also an easy way for beginners. 

*Go ahead and fill in your brows using either a brow powder or pomade/gel. 

*To clean up your brows use a concealer. A lighter shade for the bottom while a shade close to your skin tone will be appropriate for the upper brow to avoid having halo brows. 


  • A well groomed eyebrow is always a plus. Try going to a professional makeup artist to help you tweeze or wax them, they last longer. 
  • Always follow the shape your brows, it’s much easier to work with. 
  • When lining and filling your brows never start the upper brow at the beginning. You want your brows to have that faded look and not some omo alata kinda brows. 
  • Always use a light hand! For outlining as well as filling.  

I hope this post was helpful and if you have other suggestions or comments please drop them in the comment section below. Have a lovely weekend!!


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