Product Review: The Balm Cosmetics Eyeshadow palette 

For the first time yesterday (since I started my blog) I actually felt like a blogger and it was soo exciting! I was tagged in a picture by thebloggerpoint and it suddenly hit me “my instagram feed has a theme!!!” And it’s definitely gonna get better!!!

So today I’ll be doing a review on The Balm Cosmetics nude eyeshadow palette.

First impression 

It comes in a slide through paper back case and the casing is kinda like a hard cover paper back. This packaging is alright I especially like the covert art, it kinda has a vintage theme going on. The shades are nude like the name implies and come in matte and shimmers.

How I use it

I usually apply the matte the matte shades on my crease area and the outer corner of my eye while I use the shimmery shades on my lid.

(From top to bottom – Fierce, Friendly, Flirty, Firm, Flawless, Fearless)

(From top to bottom – Fine, Funny, Feisty, Fit, Faithful, Fabulous )

Final impression 

The pigmentation varies with the shimmery shades more pigmentation than the matte shades. However, the darker matte shades are almost as pigmented as the shimmers. Minimal fallout and easy to blend too. The packaging is cool with the male figurines representing the shades, that have adjectival words beginning with the letter F. 

It goes for about #4,000 and can be purchased at the Balogun Market in Lagos. Overall I would rate this product 8/10. I hope this post was helpful and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave them in the comment section below. Do have a blessed day



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