Protective Styles: Feed in Crochet Braids

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Fact about me: I hate to spend hours doing my hair!!! I become so restless and irritated. The worst part of it all is I get tired and bored of the hair style after about 2 weeks! So I was extremely glad when I came across crochet braids sometime in 2015. I consulted my reliable sensei aka YouTube and I was amazed at all the tutorials and videos I saw, I’ll probably do like a series on crochet braids but today I’ll be sharing how to do feed in crochet braids which is supposed to give the illusion of Ghana braids cornrows. I intend carrying this hair style for 2 weeks maximum so I don’t start getting itchy scalp.

What you’d need

Afro twist hair (2 1/2 packs)

Crochet needle

Hair clip


Edge control

* Prep hair for protective style. Basically what I do here is apply my cantu leave in conditioner along with my shea butter (ori), argan oil on my edges and coconut oil all around my hair from scalp to tip.

* Cornrow/weave/plait your hair in the desired style you want. Add edge control for a clean look especially for natural hair (Optional).

* Using your latch hook, crochet a strand of Afro hair (I like to use smaller pieces in front) so you have two equal parts on each side. Do this about 4 times.

* Tie the first strand once and place both ends on the cornrow. Then tie the second one over the first strand, the third over the second and the fourth over the third. Repeat this process till the whole cornrow is covered

* Lay dem edges yo! And style as desired, you can decide to weave it to the end, “doughnut” it, let it loose, fold it in etc.

So sorry I couldn’t get a better picture of the hair style, my phone is trying to pass a message across but I’m refusing to listen to it now cos your girls pockets ain’t smiling!
Hair used is the Supreme Afro twist and Olive Afro twist both in the color 1 and they can be gotten for Two thousand and One thousand five hundred naira respectively. I hope this post is helpful and I’ll love to get your feedback in the comments section. Also do let me know if you’d like me to do a post on the different ways you can style this hair do.  Do have an awesome week ahead. Kizzez

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